What We Fund

We exist to support the great work of Oregon’s cultural nonprofits in enriching our collective quality of life. The Cultural Trust funds culture through three distinct grant programs to our Statewide Partners, County/Tribal Coalitions and individual qualified cultural groups.

Since 2003, donations to the Cultural Trust have generated more than $27 million in grants to more than 1,000 arts, heritage and humanities programs and 2,500 projects through the Cultural Coalitions that serve every county and federally recognized tribe in Oregon. The Trust’s five Statewide Partners have supported another 70 projects.

The Trust’s three grant programs enable broad and deep funding across the state. Of the more than $4.5 million raised annually, at least 40 percent goes into the permanent fund to foster its continued growth (current balance is $28 million). The remaining up to 60 percent of the dollars raised, plus investment income from the permanent fund, is distributed through three annual grant programs:

All of the grants are funded exclusively by Oregonians’ participation in the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit.

How? Every Trust donor gives first to any of Oregon’s 1,400 Participating Cultural Nonprofits, then matches that gift with a contribution to the Trust. Donors know that they can write off their Trust contribution as a state tax credit!

Participating in the Trust tax credit provides direct benefit to the libraries, historical societies, youth art programs and preservation projects that are the heart of every community.

See a list of our current grants.

Trust-funded Regional Arts & Culture Council Harvey Scott Restoration